We strive to keep your horse in top performing condition.


Woodland Run Equine Veterinary Facility is dedicated to the very best in health for your horse. We provide a full spectrum of services, using the latest technology.

Wellness Exams and Care
This includes vaccination and deworming. The goals of wellness visits are to keep your horse in top performing condition and avoid common, preventable illnesses. We will help you design a nutrition, vaccination and deworming plan specifically for your horse’s needs.

Lameness Evaluation
Providing the most up-to-date diagnostics to pinpoint lameness or poor performance in your horse, including a complete exam and diagnostic nerve and joint blocks.

Digital X-Ray
Offering the latest technology, digital x-rays allow high magnification of images and superior detail, far superior to traditional x-rays. This allows our doctors to detect small problems earlier on, to begin treatment sooner and get your horse back on track as quickly as possible.

Ultrasound Machines
Used to diagnose various medical conditions, including joint, tendon and ligament injury as well as evaluating other organs, masses and swellings. These are used both in the clinic and in the field when necessary.

Video Endoscopy
Endoscopy is often used to view and treat various upper respiratory disorders of the nasal passages, pharynx, and trachea.

Video Gastroscopy
Video Gastroscopy allows visualization of the stomach and upper gastrointestinal tract, allowing the doctors to diagnose disorders such as stomach ulcers.

Shockwave Therapy
This is a treatment used to promote healing and minimize pain in certain ligament, tendon and joint injuries.

Laser Surgery
At the discretion of the surgeon, incorporating laser use in the surgical plan allows for less bleeding, swelling, hospitalization and greater precision of the surgical procedure. Most importantly, it allows for less pain and a faster recovery for your horse.

Our board certified surgeon can handle many of your horse's surgical needs.

We also offer Stalls and turnout for lay-ups, post-surgical care and patients requiring long-term treatment.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday – 7:30am to 5pm
Saturdays 7:30am to 4pm


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